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APUC Newsletter May 2017

2017 1st Qtr Commission Meeting - Feb 21, Bismarck
$191,553 — 4 projects funded

2015-17 Biennium Funds Committed
$2,680,480 — 42 projects funded

APUC creates new wealth and employment opportunities through the development of new and expanded uses of North Dakota's agricultural products.

What is value-added agriculture?

Golden Growers Cooperative - Marketing & Utilization Grant $75,000
Golden Growers Cooperative (Fargo) conducted a corn wet mill market analysis and valuation study. The study assessed the market for current and potential food ingredients, feed and renewable chemicals that can be produced or that utilize products from a corn wet mill facility.
The study also estimated the value of a corn wet mill based under various future market conditions.

The cooperative partnered with the Dept. of Agribusiness and Applied Economics at NDSU to conduct the market and valuation analyses. Matching funds were also committed by the ND Corn Development Corporation and ND Corn Utilization Council.

Bowdon Meat Processing - Marketing & Utilization Grant $15,340
Bowdon Meat Processing (Bowdon) implemented a go-to-market study strategy to diversify operations beyond custom slaughter.

A retrofit trailer with a new marketing wrap to advertise the company was purchased for the safe delivery of their products.

AdFarm developed marketing products to include: brand messaging, logos, promotional materials and a tradeshow display which have all successfully contributed to increased demand and allowed the plant to process year round. 

North Dakota Dairy Coalition - Marketing & Utilization Grant $82,000
ND Dairy Coalition (Mandan) recently completed a feasibility study to recruit a milk processing facility in ND to increase and expand its milk production and processing capacity.

The study addresses milk supply growth and processing expansion around the U.S., discusses differences in financial returns between regions, explores factors processors consider when investing in facilities, and states options to successfully attract new processing investments in ND.

NDFieldCropsMap.PNG Want more info on APUC investments? 

Visit our website for useful data and helpful resouces. 

Northern Corn Development Corporation - Basic and Applied Research Grant $35,000
Northen Corn Development Corporation (Fargo) recently conducted a corn ingredient market research feasibility study along with the development of milling, blending, and processing information at the Northern Crops Institute. 

Analysis of information derived from market research and development technologies indicated that a North Dakota corn-based dry milling enterprise is feasible provided adequate capital and human resources are identified and provided upon launching the enterprise.

Schweitzer's Gourmet Meats - Farm Diversification Grant $26,250
The on-farm, state inspected slaughter and processing plant, Schweitzer's Gourmet Meats, was successfully built in Moffit. The plant is capable of processing 15 animals per week with a focus on beef, bison, pork and lamb.

The newly constructed 40 x 60 plant provides processing space, controlled climate storage and retail space for products. The meat plant is operational year round, employing 5.5 full time employees.



Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative - Marketing and Utilization Grant $118,000
Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative (Whapeton) has successfully completed their project to support the marketing and utilization of a new soil amendment product created during the processing of sugar beets for crop farmers.

The cooperative worked with agricultural marketing specialists, Clutch Business Advisors, to survey prosepective customers, develop and trademark the product name, and create a national-scale go-to-market plan.

CropSurge OSE was sold to select consumers for the 2016 crop year to conduct testing and marketing and logistics analyses. Additional testing and analyses will be conducted for the 2017 crop year. CropSurge OSE will be offered to the general public upon completion of further research.  

Dakota Carriage Company - Nature Based Agri-Tourism Grant $26,250
Dakota Carriage Company (Davenport) successfully expanded their "you pick" pumpkin patch by one acre and the corn maze by five acres. The addition of a new 40 x 60 facility designed to expand agricultural education and space for food options was also constructed.

The new building contributed to increased visitation to their annual pumpkin patch and after dark corn maze which was attended by over 700 people. The building may also be rented for other activities and corporate events.

ND Rankings

#1 The 10 Best States for Women Entrepreneurs - Fundra, 2017
#1 Gross Domestic Product (average annual percent change) - CQ Press, 2015
#1 Per Capita Gross Domestic Product - CQ Press, 2015
#1 Employment to Population Ratio - CQ Press, 2017
#1 Top 10 Cities for New College -, 2017
#2 Acres Planted - U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2016
#2 Daily Production of Crude Oil - Energy Information Administration, 2017

APUC Commission Meetings

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Feb 21 Bismarck
May 17-18      Grand Forks **CANCELLED**
July 26 Medora
Nov 15-16 Stanley

Pride of Dakota Events

July 24 ND State Fair Day
Sept 14 POD Day at the Capitol
Sept 16-17    Dickinson Showcase
Nov 4-5 Grand Forks Showcase
Nov 11-12 Minot Showcase
Nov 17-19 Fargo Showcase
Dec 1-3 Bismarck Showcase
Pride of Dakota

Fiscal Agent Certification & Grant Recipient Post Award Training
28 participants completed the May 9, 2017 training webinar.

Successful completion of the training certifies a thorough understanding of the APUC program and the relationship of all parties involved to include the commission, APUC staff, grantee, fiscal agent and project advisor.

Fiscal agents serve as an integral part of the grant program as they work closely with APUC staff and grantees to administer grant funds. 

APUC will schedule a Fall 2017 training to accommodate new grantees, fiscal agents and prospective grant applicants.

For more information and to register for the Fall session visit

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