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Test - APUC June 2016
Second Quarter Highlights
Second Quarter Commission Meeting — May 18-19, Harvey
$440,194 — Nine projects funded

Third Quarter Commission Meeting — July 18, Medora

Upcoming 2016 Commission Meetings
November 17 — Bottineau

2015-17 Biennium Funds Committed
$1,557,003 — 30 projects funded

In This Issue

Clovedale Foods
ND Corn Utilization Council
Woodshed Renewables
Dakota Speciality Milling
Appointment of Commission Members
Fiscal Agent Certification Training


Cloverdale Foods: Taking Big Flavor on the Road

Continuing Progress 

In November 2015, APUC awarded Cloverdale Foods $24,450 to evaluate their employment processes, align human resources responsibilities with goals and objectives, and develop more effective employment processes to achieve those goals. This included improving their recruitment, selection, orientation and retention practices, and investing in the development and full engagement of their workforce at all levels.CloverdaleBigFlavor.jpg

Impact Dakota is currently providing an array of services to assist Cloverdale with identifying areas of improvement, developing problem solving strategies, and implementing training techniques at all personnel levels.

Success in the Making

“What began as an idea four years ago is now one of the most important marketing assets in the Cloverdale toolbox,” said T.J. Russell, President & CEO of Cloverdale Foods, when he expressed his gratitude to APUC. “We couldn’t have done it without you, and we would like to tell that story.”

Cloverdale Foods uses their promotional trailer for the Big Flavor Tour, which provides free samples of their food products at grocery stores around the Midwest. Learn more about the Big Flavor Tour and Cloverdale Foods at

ND Corn Utilization Council: Growing Solutions to Agriculture

National Agricultural Genotyping CenterGenotypingCenter.png

The North Dakota Corn Utilization Council successfully completed their APUC grant project in March which provided $100,000 in support of the establishment of the National Agricultural Genotyping Center (NAGC) now located in the Research and Technology Park adjacent to North Dakota State University in Fargo. 

The NAGC’s mission is to translate scientific discoveries into solutions for production agriculture, food safety, functional foods, bioenergy and national security.

“The newly established high-throughput facility will reduce the time and resources required to the current field testing approach. Quick turnaround times will allow for a prompt remedial action in the field to possibly salvage remaining, unaffected crops.“

For more information visit or

Woodshed Renewables: Absorbing What the Market Offers

Market Segment Product Study

APUC funds of $87,593 were granted to Woodshed Renewables to test the market acceptance of agricultural crop residue blended in a value-added commercial pellet application in the absorbent market, particularly fossil fuel production clean up. The project also detailed market research to verify and pinpoint the potential customer base and fund the marketing campaign.

Market Acceptance

The market study generated data that concluded there is sufficient raw material available to support 40,000 tons of production of a blended absorbent product within an economic 20-40 mile radius from the Woodshed Renewables production site in Finley, ND. Additional research conducted determined the Woodshed pellet had a high absorbency of water based products (in excess of 100 percent of its weight and volume).

Research indicated there is a market for an ag residue pellet in the five state area. Expanding into surrounding oil production regions such as Canada and Oklahoma would suggest moving forward to complete the feasibility of adding this product to the Woodshed SKU catalog.

Website Development & Promotions

The marketing campaign expanded website development efforts which allowed the company’s Facebook and Twitter sites to grow in excess of 3,000 hits combined. Woodshed Renewables was also able to gain exposure in a number of trade publications totaling over 11,000,000 in audience circulation exposure over a six-month period of solicitation. The marketing team also attended multiple trade shows around the country.

Dakota Specialty Milling: Capacity Expansion and Marketing

Discovery Process

Dakota Specialty Milling has accomplished the goal of expanding production capacity and increasing advertising and marketing efforts. Grant funds for the amount of $200,000 were used for sales and marketing of current and new products, preliminary research of pre-construction requirements to expand production facilities, and to upgrade to new high capacity equipment.

Project objectives changed as the original goal to purchase a new site and erect a slip form building with a warehouse deemed not feasible, which in turn proposed the option to expand the current mill tower, to finally exploring the option to use the existing mill tower and replace the existing equipment. Using the existing mill tower allows Dakota Specialty Milling to achieve their goal at a fraction of the cost.

Results & Conclusion

The existing milling and blending equipment will be replaced in phases inside the current physical space, with little to no down time in production. This allows Dakota Specialty Milling to achieve more than 80 percent of the 0Picture1.jpgoriginal capacity goals. An additional benefit is the acquisition of another piece of property adjacent to the current mill tower and also backs up to the third location which houses the gluten free processing line and distribution warehouse. Results conclude in a mini campus, all served by the same rail spur which is owned by the company,
  giving the company room to expand for the foreseeable future.

Matthew Glessner: New APUC Commissioner

Appointed to APUC by Governor Dalrymple

Glessner has accepted appointment to serve on the APUC Board effective July 1, 2016 and extending to June 30, 2018.

Glessner is a North Dakota native who grew up in Fargo, currently residing in Grand Forks with his wife, Mary, and their 16-year-old son, Brendan, and their 14-year-old daughter, Jory. He currently serves as director of the North Dakota Ag Association and as general manager of Crop Production Services (CPS), one of the largest fertilizer producers worldwide.

More Involvement with Agriculture

Seeking an opportunity to become more involved with all aspects of agriculture in North Dakota, Glessner began researching ag related associations and programs around the state. The Governor’s website provided a wealth of information, where he became more familiar with APUC. Shortly thereafter, Glessner reached out to Bill Kingsbury, who at the time was an APUC Commissioner, who encouraged him to become involved with APUC. Feeling his experience and exposure to agriculture would contribute to the APUC program, Glessner began the process to apply and be considered for a seat on the Commission. Two years later, his efforts have come to fruition as he has been appointed to serve a two-year term.  
“The future of agriculture is changing as it
flows with the price of commodities.” 

Glessner shows an interest in new research and innovative ideas which are
contributing to the future of agriculture. He expresses how these types of contributions continue to improve North Dakota due to the industry’s willingness to adjust and efforts to work and learn together. 
After graduating college, Glessner pursued teaching and coaching hockey for five years in Minot and West Fargo. Glessner enjoyed teaching, as he and other peers dubbed themselves “Team Influential.” Shortly thereafter, he changed careers as there was a need for his expertise with his grandfather’s business, Agsco. This transition significantly changed his professional career, creating the footprints for where he is today.
When Glessner and his wife are not engaged with their children’s extracurriculars and athletic events, they spend time at their seasonal cabin in Minnesota, where they enjoy playing golf and spending quality time with their family.  

Bill Kingsbury: Celebrating 14 Years of APUC Service

Devoted Commissioner

Bill Kingsbury has devoted 14 years of service to APUC in his role as a commissioner. Kingsbury’s experience and knowledge of agriculture have greatly contributed to APUC’s mission to support grant projects in the development of new and expanded uses of agricultural products in North Dakota. Kingsbury accepted his first appointment as Commissioner in July 2002 by then Governor John Hoeven.

Kingsbury, a Grafton native, helps in operations alongside his son on their fifth generation family farm where they produce potatoes, sugar beets, wheat, barley, pinto and navy beans. Kingsbury recalls his appointment to the Commission as a surprise, considering the designation came during a time of transition, as he was in the process of retiring from his position on the Bank of North Dakota Board. After some consideration, Kingsbury graciously accepted the appointment. He possessed knowledge of APUC and its purpose due to his exposure at the Capital — his wife, Joyce, is a legislator who has served on multiple committees during her time in office.

Supporting the APUC Mission

When asked why he feels APUC is important to the future of agriculture, Kingsbury described a greater need for similar programs as he foresees the effects of inflation and increased commodity prices to the agriculture industry. It is these factors that drive everything, he said. “It [APUC] will probably start to have a big increase as people see the need for new ideas in agriculture. We will see increased grant requests coming in,” Kingsbury said.

After countless reviews of grant applications, Kingsbury said he was surprised to learn of the number of organizations and committees who are dependent on APUC’s support. He noticed a change in applicants requesting grant funds; from small independent projects such as building a track box to more significant requests to conduct innovative research, notably at North Dakota State University.

Future Plans

Occasionally, Kingsbury volunteers time to capture game highlights at athletic events for local schools. Photographing scenery, wildlife and unique locations around North Dakota continue to be part of Kingsbury’s everyday life. Many of his photos are showcased on the walls of local businesses, most commonly by the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation. 

Kalil and Peltier Reappointed to APUC

                                  Reappointed by Gov. Jack Dalrymple for 2016-2018
DanKalil.jpg KeithPeltier.jpg
          Dan Kalil        Keith Peltier
  Chairman of the Board         Commissioner
     16 Years of Service      4 Years of Service

Fiscal Agent Certification Training

The purpose of the training is to review the roles and responsibilities of a fiscal agent and grantee to encompass the key components of what is required at the time of the final report. The application process and best practices for disbursing funds, tracking grant expenditures and acceptable forms of documentation are also discussed. Helpful tools and resources are also provided to participants. 20160224_105333.jpg  

Successful completion of the training certifies a thorough understanding of the APUC program and the relationship of all parties involved to include the commission, APUC staff, grantee, fiscal agent and project advisor.

The training was held on February 24 at the North Dakota Department of Commerce office in Bismarck.
A total of 16 fiscal agents and grantees were in attendance.

APUC plans to schedule an additional training later this year to accommodate new grantees and fiscal agents and any future applicants.
“The information was helpful, and we appreciate the tools provided.
Your efforts will certainly impact our efforts to improve.”

 - Ray Ann Kilen, Fiscal Agent



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