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Manufacturing accounts for 6.71 percent of North Dakota's Gross State Product. While the rest of the country has experienced a manufacturing retraction since 2000, North Dakota has enjoyed an expansion. Strong market growth, both domestically and internationally, have contributed to a healthy manufacturing economy.

Manufacturing and technology-based businesses in North Dakota face a serious threat from off-shore competition. North Dakota manufacturers are not immune from the pressures of globalization and competition.

The Department of Commerce has concluded, through a combination of both a manufacturing survey and personal visits with manufacturing leaders across the state, that future expansion of our manufacturing sector will come not from labor growth, but rather from innovation and productivity gains, as well as a strong focus on developing foreign markets. State policy, both in terms of taxes and finance, should be examined to help stimulate and incentivize growth in this fashion.

The North Dakota Department of Commerce is committed to growing manufacturing.  Contact your Advanced Manufacturing Business Development Manager, David Lehman at 701-328-5378 to learn how we can help you with your business development needs!


Commerce partners with IMPACT Dakota on tactical solutions for advanced manufacturing to help manufacturing become more competitive through:

  • Leadership training and staff development
  • Process improvement practices and tools
  • Growth strategies to expand markets and develop new services
  • Innovation, strategy and systems planning

The North Dakota Trade Office increased its efforts to expand North Dakota’s exports to high-demand foreign markets.  In fact, North Dakota led the nation in export growth in 2018 at 35 percent year-over-year growth.  The trade office is focused on leveraging all the tools and partner organizations that businesses in the state have at their disposal to grow their International business.  Find out more info at www.NDTO.com.


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