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Workforce and Education

jobservicelogo.jpgNorth Dakota offers a one-stop administrator of all workforce training programs and financial assistance through Job Service North Dakota. Job Service can provide a customized proposal outlining the state and federal programs and dollar amounts available for any project based on the number and title of occupations and their corresponding wage rate.

North Dakota offers two-unique programs that contribute to job training proposals:

Workforce 20/20

Workforce 20/20 assists North Dakota employers with implementing new technologies and work methods. This fund helps employers provide retraining and upgrading of employee knowledge and skills.

New Jobs Training

New Jobs Training is an innovative program created by Job Service North Dakota to financially assist new or expanding primary sector businesses with filling hourly job positions. The training costs under this program are paid for in whole or in part with income tax withheld from new employees. Funded projects must emphasize job and basic skills training. Funds are available regardless of the company's size. The direct cost of employee training can be reimbursed under the Workforce 20/20 program. Costs can include instructor wages, tuition and registration fees, curriculum development and leasing of training equipment.

Job Service also provides assistance to companies with employee recruitment and testing services. In addition, education and training resources offered through the North Dakota University System are considered for job training assistance. This ranges from facility use to company-specific degree programs.

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Excellence in Academics Technology

North Dakota has highly-educated and hard-working employees waiting to help you achieve a positive bottom line. North Dakota has one of the most well-educated workforces in the nation. Our students rank among the top in highest Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT) score and high school graduation rate.

North Dakota offers its students the opportunity to take courses online and provides the opportunity to earn a high school diploma entirely over the Internet. All  public high schools in North Dakota are connected to the state's telecommunications infrastructure. North Dakotans are raised to be hard workers and this work ethic carries over to academic excellence and job performance.


Colleges & Universities

North Dakota is home to 19 college and university campuses, one of the highest ratios of college institutions per college-aged population and has the highest number of full-time students enrolled in college per capita. The North Dakota University System has 11-campuses and includes two doctoral universities, one master's degree-granting university, three universities that offer bachelor's degrees and five, two-year colleges that offer associate and trade/technical degrees.

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Workforce Demographics

Companies looking to expand their operations need to know there is an available workforce. North Dakota is poised to deliver a ready and available workforce of more than 300,000 people, committed to world-class service.

Learn more about North Dakota's workforce demographics.


Employee Turnover Rates

Nationwide, employee turnover rates of 20-30 percent are often an expected cost of doing business. Imagine locating your company in a state where employee turnover rates higher than 15 percent are cause for concern and many employers do not track turnover because it's not an issue, much less a line item.


Employee Absentee Rates

North Dakotans' are known for their work ethic and that is reflected in low absenteeism rates from high school straight through to professional careers and trades. Business benefits from our reliable, dedicated workforce. Many North Dakota businesses don't even consider absenteeism as a cost of doing business.

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