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Petroleum Marketing

North Dakota petroleum marketers are dedicated to providing quality product, great customer service and continue to be community supporters. Consumer demand always has and always will dictate what a petroleum retailer offers at the pump.

The unprecedented economic growth in the state has been very good for the retail petroleum industry. One of the major challenges amidst the prosperity has been finding adequate supplies of diesel fuel and workforce, and these concerns have increased with continued oil development. Over 500 million gallons of diesel fuel are being used annual in oil activity, in comparison to annual consumption across the state of 1 billion.

Petroleum Marketing in North Dakota

  • There are roughly 500 petroleum marketers in North Dakota. These operations deal in every aspect of refined petroleum and renewable fuel products ranging from wholesale and supply to the numerous retail outlets scattered across the state.
  • In 2011, retail petroleum dealers sold about 750 million gallons of taxable gasoline in the state as well as close to one billion gallons of taxable diesel fuel. This figure does not take into account the 325 million gallons of diesel fuel sold for non-highway use vital to agricultural, industrial and energy sectors within the state.
  • North Dakota petroleum marketers continue to support research and development of renewable fuels as viable sources of alternate energy. Over the course of the last four years, nearly 200 ethanol blender pumps have been installed across the state. About 55 percent of all gasoline sold in the state now contains some blend of ethanol.
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