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Economic Development by the Numbers Newsletter

Economic Development by the Numbers is designed to familiarize economic development stakeholders with resources that assist in the promotion of their community, county or the state of North Dakota.

Each publication covers different topics walking readers through the process of accessing valuable information through web-based resources. Please note links in older issues may not work if the featured sites have been modified since publication. 

We are always open to new ideas. If there are topics you would like to see addressed in future issues, please forward suggestions to the ED&F Research Team.

January 2016 - AARP Livability Index
File Size: 598 kb

March 2016 - Location Affordability Portal
File Size: 224 kb

May 2016 - Economic Profile System
File Size: 161 kb

August 2016 - Census Business Builder
File Size: 357 kb

October 2016 - North Dakota Compass
File Size: 235 kb

January 2015 - North Dakota Partner System
File Size: 259 kb

March 2015 - Quick Facts
File Size: 304 kb

May 2015 - Mapping America's Futures
File Size: 454 kb

July 2015 - QWI Extraction Tool
File Size: 340 kb

September 2015 - USDA ERS
File Size: 788 kb

November 2015 - Census Transportation Planning Products
File Size: 227 kb

January 2014 - BEA Bear Facts Personal Income by County
File Size: 380 kb

March 2014 - Location Quotient Calculator
File Size: 583 kb

May 2014 - QWI Explorer
File Size: 776 kb

July 2014 - Area Educational Attainment
File Size: 831 kb

September 2014 - U.S. Cluster Mapping Tool
File Size: 335 kb

November 2014 - NACo County Explorer.pdf
File Size: 261 kb

January 2013 - Easy Stats American Community Survey
File Size: 407 kb

April 2013 - Economic Multipliers
File Size: 462 kb

May 2013 - RIMSII
File Size: 449 kb

July 2013 - Federal Budget Cuts Affecting Statistics
File Size: 300 kb

September 2013 - Census Bureaus On the Map
File Size: 410 kb

November 2013 - Area Profiles from JSND
File Size: 523 kb

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