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New Company Information
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Check all categories that apply to the products or services your company provides on the list below.
Public Tours
Does your busienss provide tours to the public?
Company Information
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Value Added
If yes, briefly describe what your company does to add value to your product(s).
Market Breakdown
Total of all four categories should equal 100%
State (ND)

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Regional (SD, MT, MN)

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National (Rest of US)

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International (Rest of World)

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If tourism-related, provide estimates as it relates to revenue source such as the home state or country of visiting tourists.
Why do we ask this? The more sales you make outside the state, the more new money you are bringing into the state. Your response to this question (and a few others) will help us determine whether you are primary-sector (new wealth-generating) business. It could also make your company eligible for state incentives such as funding assistance and tax exemptions.
Gross Sales
What is the annual gross sales amount generated through your North Dakota facility? (Rounding off numbers is acceptable. If this is your first year in operation, please provide projections.)   $ 
Value Stream
As a supplier or sub-contractor, what percentage of your value-added product or service is produced for another company(ies) that ultimately sell it outside the state? (Examples: Producing components that another company uses to build a larger or more complicated piece of equipment. Developing software for a company that incorporates it into its final product and sells it nationally such as VARs.)    %

How much of the raw materials or services needed to produce your product is purchased from North Dakota Companies?     % (numeric value)

Companies located outside North Dakota?     % (numeric value)

Please list the type of materials or services you cannot currently purchase in North Dakota.
Local Employment
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* Leased/Temp
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If you do not redirect to a "Thank You" page, please review the information above to ensure you have provided all the needed information.
Information needed to complete the submission will be noted in red.
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